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Industry's leading fraud investigators, many of whom are former law enforcement officials and government agents.

All kinds of insurance policies are vulnerable to fraud and exaggerated claims. While most claimants are honest, there are thousands of cases where insurance fraud opportunists try to take advantage of their insurance provider by lodging false claims.

Insurance fraud perpetrators usually invent fake documents and deliberately or recklessly provide incorrect information to get benefits. In some cases, they can even get professional service providers, like medical practices and auto shops, to go along with their claims. There are thousands of documented cases where organized criminal gangs get involved with money-making enterprises to commit insurance fraud.

The evidence they present can be very convincing. An insurance company can end up paying a lot of money for a false claim if they are not careful and do not conduct a thorough investigation.

How Does Fraud and Insurance Investigation Work?

We can perform all kinds of investigations, including damage assessment and alive & wellness checks for insurance providers throughout the U.S. Insurance companies frequently employ DMI investigators in LA, California to get complete and accurate information about claims lodged by their clients.

Our private investigators are certified and experienced to prepare a complete, unbiased case report based on facts. The investigation begins by collecting information about the client and making an appointment with them.

We follow through by physically visiting the claimant. We ask pertinent questions relating to the policy and observe their physical ability, current health condition, the status of treatment, household condition, insured property damage, and employment status, etc. Our investigators also obtain the claimants or property’s photos where necessary.

Our insurance fraud investigator will use the initial information collected from the meeting to find more evidence and information about the validity of the claim. To do this, they may carry out surveillance, background checks, asset searches, employment status investigations, business investigations, and employ other methods.

Depending on the nature of the case our investigator may also physically visit a location such as a residence, business office, store, hotel, and restaurant or accident site to gather further evidence. The investigator will conduct a professional observation and interview additional witnesses, law enforcement officers, neighbors, and employers of the claimant to determine facts.

Summary of Investigations Conducted

  • Collecting and Reviewing Documents

  • Site and Personnel Surveillance to verify an insurance claim

  • A search of claimant’s medical reports and history

  • Search for previous claims and history of accidents

  • Through analysis of insurance coverage

  • Locating witnesses 

  • Taking statements & conducting interviews

  • Surveying the Area and Suspect(s)

  • Analysis of physician's billing search

  • Background checks for the claimant

  • 3D Mapping. Drones 

  • Obtaining Other Contextual Information

  • Aerial Photos & Videography. Drones

  • Conduct property insurance inspections. Drones

  • 360 Degree 

  • Roof Inspections. Drones

  • Commercial Underwriting. Drones

  • Natural Disasters. Drones

  • Cannabis Inspections & Security

Private investigator desk with confident

Types of Insurance Claims We Investigate

  • Special Investigations Unit (SIU)

  • Life Insurance Claims

  • Disability Fraud

  • Workman’s Compensation Claims

  • Healthcare & Medical Fraud Claims

  • Foreign Death Verification Claims

  • Property Loss Claims

  • Property Damage Claims


  • Fire, Flooding, and Natural Disaster Claims

  • Property Theft Claims

  • Personal Injury Claims & Accidents

  • Loss of Earnings Claims

  • Insurance Fraud

  • Special Insurance Claim 

  • Robbery Claims

  • Death Investigation Claims

  • Homicide Claims

  • Wrongful; Death Claims

  • Home Invasion Claims

  • Full Services Fraud Investigations

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