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 About DMI 

Thank you for Visiting DMI Agency, We look forward to helping you with all of your Investigative and Security needs... - An online intelligence agency providing private investigators, Intelligence,  Security & Protection at affordable prices.

- Quality for the Best Private Investigations, Intelligence, Security & Protection Worldwide


[DMI Investigative-Security- Intelligence Agency] aka [Dakota Michaels Investigations] DMI Investigative-Security- Intelligence Agency, DMI is an Award winning Private Investigative, Security, and Intelligence Agency and has been in existence since 1997. We are a highly recommended Licensed full-service Investigation, Security & Intelligence Agency with several divisions. We are headquartered in Los Angeles California with offices Nationwide and internationally.

DMI the investigation and security brand is an online intelligence agency providing private investigators, Intelligence, Security & Protection.

About DMI Investigative-Security-Intelligence Agency
DMI specializes in Civil and Criminal cases, cyber investigations insurance fraud, debugging, Photo/video surveillance, corporate investigations, missing and abducted children cases, missing persons, domestic investigations, asset search investigations, divorce and child custody cases, Background Investigations, security and protection and now with our added featured services such as SEO, marketing research and
intelligence, lead generation, digital media publishing, branding, and more.
Our mission is to bring inspiration and innovation and solve our customer's problems
with diligence, excellence, and integrity one client at a time. Our Vision is to foresee a future where our team members, agents, and associates will be able to interact live with our customers On-Demand. To implement live case support, problem-solving, and transparent investigation and/or Security services. See our main services and Intelligence products.

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