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We Seek, Collect and use Evidence for the purpose of the Court or Law Enforcement.

We won’t go into the details of the law enforcement investigation and DA’s office tactics that are prevalent in our justice system. Suffice to say that sometimes there is more evidence out there that can be helpful to a defendant in a trial.

Our job is to help uncover that evidence and document it, find expert defense witnesses and assist a criminal defense team to build a solid case for the client.

Crime Scene Tape
Defense Trial Preparation

We can assist defense attorneys and legal firms in preparing their criminal defense cases. DMI offers experienced private investigators in LA, California, who can gather and document evidence and find defense witnesses for the trial.

We can also assist legal firms to find subject matter experts to testify in court. We focus on building defense evidence that gives the judge and jury a better understanding of the facts presented in a lawsuit.

Since each case is different, evidence collection tasks can also differ, depending on the case circumstances. DMI private investigators have years of experience in criminal defense investigation and worked with dozens of legal firms to help them build strong cases.

We can help legal teams find the evidence and witnesses that are essential for winning a case. Our defense trial preparation services include the following:


  • Defense evidence collection

  • Forensic investigation

  • Private investigation

  • Crime scene investigation

  • Background checks

  • Document searches

  • Evidence analysis

  • Locating witnesses

  • Preparing witness testimony

  • Creation of investigation reports

  • Medical investigations

  • Criminal investigations

What Entails Criminal Defense Investigation

Our criminal defense investigators look for clues and evidence to help build a legally presentable defense case for the counsel. If there is evidence to create reasonable doubt about the involvement of the defendant with the crime, our private criminal defense investigators will find it and present it to the defense team.

Our investigators follow a thorough approach and look at many factors, including the background of the accused, their close associates, nature of the crime, and the possible involvement of third parties. Our experts work together with legal firms to look at the evidence gathered by the prosecution team to find weaknesses and loopholes in the investigation.

The motive for most law enforcement departments and DA offices is to get a conviction, and their investigation can be lacking crucial pieces of information. There are many cases where investigations are closed, and one of the possible suspects is accused of the crime while there is contrary evidence that suggests someone else is to blame for the crime.

DMI offers legal firms and defendants an option to launch their private investigations to uncover the whole truth around an accusation. We can help defendants find the person responsible for the crime and help clear their name.

When Should You Use Our Private Investigator For Trial Preparation?

As a defendant, you should use our services when you are confident about your innocence, but your attorney seems unsure about whether or not you will win the case. If you haven’t committed a crime, but circumstantial evidence points to you, a more thorough investigation by an unbiased investigative firm is your best option for success.

We encourage letting your defense counsel know about your private investigation. You have the best chance of putting up a solid defense when both your defense lawyer and our private investigators work together to prove your innocence in court.

DMI investigators can potentially help you uncover much-needed evidence. Even if your attorney seems confident about your chances, but you feel unsure, you can hire us to add more evidence and witnesses to your case.

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