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Intelligence Gathering

DMI offers trusted corporate and private investigation services in the U.S. We are based in LA California and provide a leading private intelligence service across the country.

Our private investigative professionals have completed hundreds of intelligence gathering assignments for all kinds of corporate businesses and private individuals. We offer complete confidentiality and provide reliable service through the help of the latest technology. We also work with legal practices and insurance firms to gather evidence and intelligence on lawsuits and insurance claims.

How Intelligence Services Work

Private intelligence services benefit individuals and corporations in several ways.

Employee Hiring Checks

If you are looking to hire an employee or enter into a contract with a person, you may want to run a due diligence check to find out about their record.

DMI can help you gather intelligence on the past activities of an associate and carry out background checks to find any skeletons in their closet. We also search for past criminal records and filed bankruptcies as part of our due diligence search.

We will deliver a detailed and fully contextualized picture with our findings

Third-Party Contact Due Diligence

Our investigators can also help minimize the risks to your business by gathering intelligence on third party organizations, suppliers and distributors. If you are looking to sign an important contract with another business and want to get a true picture of their operational and/or financial capability, we can help you get that information in a detailed report.

We can find out

  • If the third party has other business associations that can be detrimental to your business.

  • Information on the third party’s registration, incorporation, directorship, shareholding, and financial performance.

  • If there are red flags that could be potentially damaging to your business interests.

Facility Vulnerability Intelligence

Intruders look for vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your building’s security plan that can be exploited to damage or steal your assets. Our experts can help you gather information on these weak points to help update and improve the security policy for your premises.

Our faculty vulnerability intelligence gathering services are aimed at finding vulnerabilities and creating procedures based on technology to close gaps and reduce the risk for clients.

Creating a building vulnerability assessment checklist involves a consistent evaluation of your site layout, security system design, and the technology involved in your current setup.

TSCM and Bug Sweeps

Do you suspect that someone is monitoring your activities or your business? We offer Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), including bug sweeps and detection of video or audio surveillance devices.

We can also help clients detect hidden cameras, cell phones and computer spy software, and wiretapping that may be going on without their knowledge.


  • Common TSCM includes

  • Vulnerability Audits

  • Bug Sweeps

  • SCIF Inspections

  • Wiretaps Identification

  • In-Place Monitoring

  • Eavesdropping Checks

  • Off-Site Remote Monitoring

Types of Intelligence Services We Offer


Our investigation and intelligence services include the following.


  • Corporate & Business Intelligence

  • Competitive Intelligence

  • Due Diligence & Screening

  • Background Checks

  • Anti-corruption Services

  • Private Investigations

  • Discreet Surveillance

  • Drone Surveillance

  • Business Scandal Monitoring


  • Economic Risk Consulting

  • Political Threat Monitoring

  • Security Risk Consulting

  • Internal Investigation

  • Operational Security Assessment

  • Crisis Identification

  • Terrorism Intelligence Gathering

  • Cyber Security Services

  • eDiscovery Services

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