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Are You in Danger of being a Secret Intelligence Gathering Target?

The FBI states that the following businesses or occupations are under extreme risk for secret intelligence gathering:

• Medical Field: Doctor, Chiropractor, Dentist

• Technical/Engineering Field: Architect, Engineers, Software Development, Engineering, Proprietary information.

• Law Field: Court Clerk, Judge, Attorneys, Police Officer.

• Public Office Field: Mayor, Congressman, City Officials.

• Educational Field: School Principal, College Professor.

• Science Field: Scientists, Lab Technicians, Research & Development.

• Defense Field: Aerospace Industry, Dept. of Energy, U.S. Military.

• Religious Field: Deacon, Bishop, Elder, Pastor, Reverend.

• Sales/Marketing/Purchasing Field: Buyers, Agents, Fashion Design, Advertising.

• Construction Field: Contractor, Superintendent, Sub-contractors

• Labor Field: Union Officials, City/County/State Officials

• Human Resources Field: Personnel Directors, Benefit Directors

Anyone can be targeted for secret intelligence gathering, however, some people are more susceptible to it than others.

• Spouses secretly gather intelligence on each other or their children.

• Businessmen and scientists secretly gather intelligence on their co-workers or for their companies and products,

• Students secretly gather intelligence on their teachers and professors

• Attorneys, Salespeople and Collection Agencies will secretly gather intelligence on clients or co-workers.

• Insurance companies secretly gather intelligence on claimants as well as accident victims.

• Construction companies secretly gather intelligence on their competition.

• Police officers secretly gather intelligence on witnesses and suspects
• Fans secretly gather intelligence on musicians and entertainment stars.

• Department stores will secretly gather intelligence on merchandise as well as customers.


• Companies involved in the automotive,
advertising, fashion or marketing industry
• Companies with stock which is publicly traded
• Companies involved in any type of lawsuits or litigations.
• Companies with labor problems (negotiations and union)
• Companies with layoffs happening


These situations can happen to you if (or someone you know well) has:

• Been involved in any type of litigation
or lawsuit.

• Been questioned, or arrested by the police
• Been married, divorced, or separated
(or is in the process of such change)
• Campaigning/running or been elected for any type of elected office
• Been put in an executive position at a large company
• Filed an insurance claim
• Been a party to activism or political demonstrations
• Been employed by a defense contractor
• Private Investigators working around you
• An upper bracket income

Power, influence, money, and access to classified or personal documents or information is guaranteed to put you at serious private risk.

At DMI, our financial investigations help you make business decisions based on the most accurate and current information available. We specialize in discreet, comprehensive inquiries into companies and principals, including corporate officers, directors, shareholders, and investors. All inquiries, such as investigations into past business practices and personal reputations, are conducted with the utmost confidentiality and with the client's reputation in mind. In many instances, these investigations can be carried out without the subject's knowledge.

Our services include:

• Pre-Employment Screening
• Comprehensive Background and Asset Investigations on

   Individuals & Businesses
• Due Diligence (mergers, acquisitions, buyouts, partnerships

, joint ventures)
• Criminal History
• Concealed Ownership
• Borrower Fraud
• Use of Funds
• Granting/Renewing Lines Of Credit
• Loan Officer Fraud
• Special Projects
• Executive Protection
• Counter-Espionage consulting services and debugging with

   our TSCM experts
• Counter-Measures
• Counter-Intelligence
• Counter-Surveillance
• Intelligence Gathering
• Competitive Intelligence
• Covert and Undercover

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