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Child Custody Services

If you are going through a difficult separation or bitter divorce, you may be concerned about the safety and wellbeing of your children for your children’s well-being? If your ex-husband or your ex-wife is placing your children in harm’s way or placing unlawful restrictions on your access, then DMI investigation service can help.

We have highly trained and experienced investigators and surveillance teams that can help obtain the evidence you need to secure your parental rights. Our experts can collect the background information and surveillance you need to present in court to protect your children.

How Do Child Custody Investigations Work?

Child custody investigations differ from case to case. Mostly, they involve the collection of surveillance data to determine how a parent or guardian is treating the children and putting them in harm’s way.

Our investigators will record and create evidence that they can legally document to prove any abuse or neglect that they witness through photos, audio, and video recordings. Our investigating teams will also contact and build potential witnesses, like family members and teachers, who have seen the child being treated abusively.

We also carry out background checks on custodial parties to determine if they are involved in any activities that can cause neglect of duties towards the child. Our investigators look at things like alcohol abuse, gambling, drug addiction, reckless driving, criminal activity, child abandonment, and any other activities that can have a negative effect on the child.

Our investigator will also monitor the situation to see if the guardian is providing the child with a safe and clean living environment, healthy food, emotional support, and other necessities of life.

The purpose of these investigations is to determine the safety of the child as a priority. If the surveillance shows that the child is facing difficulties, our investigator can not only create a report but also provide testimony in court.


Why Hire DMI for Child Custody Cases

DMI has been in operations for over two decades and offers robust child custody investigation services across the U.S. Consider hiring us for the following reasons.

  • If you are concerned about your child's safety, then our service will be useful to you. If you have reason to suspect that your ex or separated spouse is not fit to care for your child, our team can help build an objective, legally permissible case in court.

  • If you were going through a difficult divorce and lost all access to your child, then we can help document evidence that can be useful during child custody proceedings. Our investigations can be decisive to help keep your child away from an abusive situation.

  • If life’s circumstances change or your ex develops criminal, addictive, or abusive behavior, then our investigator can legally look into their background, habits, and parenting style to prove that they are unfit to care for the child anymore.

  • If you have been falsely accused of abusive behavior or neglect in a divorce case by your spouse for child custody, then we can help. It happens quite frequently that one parent makes false accusations in court to restrict the other parent’s right to access the child. Our investigation team can gather evidence to help clear your name and help you spend adequate time with your child.


Our Child Custody Investigation Services at a Glance

  • Our Investigation team is highly experienced and professional.

  • We offer complete legal and open-source intelligence that can be presented in court.

  • We utilize state-of-the-art, advanced technology for collecting evidence.

  • DMI offers a full intelligence gathering and forensic data collection service.

  • You will get complete worldwide and local coverage across the U.S.

  • We appoint exclusive case managers that offer a quick response.

  • We have a record of excellent service standards.

  • Our evidence reports follow a legal framework.

  • You will get your own project manager throughout the investigation.

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