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Soft SKY Labs Drone Solutions

provide around the clock security, without the need for human intercession as well as UAV Pilot assisted UAV's

Security Drone Cameras

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), more commonly known as drones, have been used over the years in military operations and scientific research to monitor threats and collect movement data.

However, commercial security drones for home or business property surveillance and monitoring have become popular only recently. These drones can cover a much wider area and offer a real-time feed to the security team.


Security drones have cameras fitted with UV vision to capture heat signals at night, and they can even detect the smallest vibrations on the ground. Security drones can also be maneuvered around and provide a rapid response or fast "eyes on" for the target area.

You can set up active waypoints for the drone to move around the property without requiring any human control. Tracking can be maintained based on preset target parameters, like thermal signature or movement.

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A key advantage of UAVs is their ability to collect images around the property that are suitable for reconnaissance or rapid situation awareness. They help ground force units to detect and monitor potential threats from a safe distance and take necessary action.

When used for perimeter security, drone surveillance cameras significantly reduce the need for foot patrols from security guards. They also provide additional monitoring, for instance, where security guards do get deployed to ensure that guards are following patrolling routines or get support when required.

An aerial drone’s small size, quick speed, reliable maneuverability, and video capturing technologies make UAVs the perfect support system for ground security teams. They allow security teams to carry out surveillance quicker and more efficiently.

Drones cameras also have the edge over stationary cameras. While intruders can step out of the line of sight of stationary cameras, they can’t do that with drones. Drones can also cover areas that are out of normal reach, and a single drone camera can cover the ground that requires four stationary cameras.


A security drone can be instrumental in managing the critical facets of security & safety at your commercial or private event. It can be used to create a security infrastructure, allows better crowd control, and provides overall safety planning of the event.


Our drones are capable of autonomous flight and can be set to hover with just a single button. You can even set up an autonomous flight for the drone from take-off to landing. Drones can be set with waypoints to cover a large area without requiring human control.

The drones offer detailed visual coverage documentation of entry/exit points, parking space, and interior halls. They will enable effective security monitoring, risk management, and surveillance planning for your event security team.


  • Situational Awareness

Our drones offer real-time information for quick response during security incidents.


  • Augmenting Guards

Improve the safety & productivity of human guards with our drone technology.


  • Harsh Environments

Get image & video footage in harsh weather, unfriendly environments.


  • Deterrence

We offer drones with payloads such as warning lights and sirens to deter unwanted persons.


  • Events & Activities

You can hire our UAVs to cover events such as rallies, marathons, weddings, music shows.


  • Track & Follow

Drones can be set to track and follow intruders in real-time to provide data to security teams.


  • Hostile Situations

Our drones are effective for anti-criminal, anti-intruder and riot control scenarios.


  • Hard-to-Reach Locations

Our drones can reach roof-tops, narrow and confined spaces, and high altitudes.


  • Operate Day and Night

We also offer special drones designed for both day and night operations.

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