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DMI Offers A Level Of Service You Can Trust!

DMI offers investigation and surveillance services through the best private detectives in LA. Our experts are fully licensed and use proven techniques to ensure our clients get the results they want. Quickly. Discreetly. Efficiently.

Technology Employment

DMI has been a leader in the development and deployment of advanced surveillance and investigation methods. Our intel gathering and surveillance ops rely on using the latest equipment that enhances surveillance without discovery.

Comprehensive Services

We have a large number of expert agents that specialize in a wide variety of investigative services. DMI offers services in property and personnel surveillance, civil and criminal defense investigation, fraud and insurance investigation, missing person investigations, child custody, and domestic issues, premises security and much more!

Decades of Private Investigation Experience

DMI operates through a variety of investigators and tech-experts that have formerly served or currently engaged in intelligence ops at the highest levels. We have a thorough understanding of effective investigation methods and understand the varying needs of businesses and private clients. Our firm has a long history and excellent client testimonials.

Legally Permissible Reports

We actively work with legal firms to help them collect, prepare and present evidence and witnesses in court. If you are looking for experts to prepare a case for a trial, you can count on us to prepare court evidence of the requisite quality standard.

A Very High Success Rate

We have a 99% success rate for the investigation and surveillance missions carried out on behalf of clients. Many clients in the corporate and legal sectors use our services on a recurring basis because they know we deliver clinical results.

Confidentiality Guaranteed

A discreet, confidential service is the cornerstone of any private investigation and intelligence gathering mission. We have systemic checks in place that ensure client privacy is given the highest value at all times. On completion of an assignment, all evidence is handed over to the client, and we keep nothing in our records.

Access to Data Centers

Most investigative processes have digitized in recent years. Successful intelligence operations rely on the ability to access, collect and analyze a lot of data quickly to achieve positive results. DMI has access to and utilizes hundreds of databases across all U.S. states, and abroad, to find the information our clients need.

Local Investigations and Surveillance

Although DMI is a private detective agency in LA California, we provide a complete range of services all across the 50 U.S. States. Our private investigators regularly travel across the country to complete assignments in major cities and the countryside. You can get in touch with DMI services with complete confidence that we can solve your problems and cover your part of the country as well.

Interrogation Methods

Our investigators and private detectives are skilled in interrogation techniques and evidence discovery methods. We rely on science-based evaluations and ask the right questions to get information, confessions, and evidence from witnesses and individuals. Our experts comply with the law, get prior approvals where required and follow the standard procedure to get evidence that is legally permissible in court.


Historically, private surveillance and investigations were only utilized by rich individuals and large corporations that could afford to pay the fees. That is no longer the case. We offer a reasonable fee for investigation and surveillance services that is largely determined based on the specifics of every case. You will find our service charges very reasonable and affordable.

Expert Referrals

As a top private investigation agency in LA, California, DMI often works with experts in science, business, and other professional fields. If you are looking to get an expert opinion on a legal or corporate matter, we can get you in touch with subject matter experts as part of our investigation.

Why Choose DMI

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