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Surveillance and Clandestine Services

We Monitor the Behavior, Activities or any other Changing Information for the purpose of gathering Evidence or intelligence as well as protection.

Dakota Michaels Investigations specializes in surveillance and clandestine monitoring services. We offer surveillance for commercial business, law enforcement authorities, insurance companies, professional firms and private clients all over the country. Our services are available for international clients from abroad.

At DMI, we understand that surveillance can be the right solution in specific cases where it is ideal to monitor the situation and build evidence instead of direct confrontation. Our surveillance teams have years of experience and they are fully trained to gather intelligence discreetly. Over the years, DMI has developed the capability to undertake and complete private surveillance assignments with perfection.

Fixed Surveillance

Fixed surveillance is useful to monitor buildings, apartment complexes, offices, commercial centers and other services providing premises. You can hire our fixed surveillance to protect against vandals, thieves and other possible suspects around your property. This is used also where security cameras cannot pick up information need for prosecution.


Our experts will carry out surveillance for the property several times throughout the day, often at different times to ensure you receive maximum coverage.


For fixed surveillance, we use a team of different experts on different days. This makes it difficult to identify and track our members and keeps the whole operation discreet. our experts also become the eyewitness to a crime being committed and or averted.



Mobile Surveillance

If you are looking to find people in California, our mobile surveillance team can help. Mobile surveillance requires the monitoring team to stay on the move and follow subjects discreetly.


It can be difficult to accomplish this in congested urban areas, especially if the subject is driving a vehicle. However, our on-field investigators are fully equipped and trained to handle the situation. We provide complete, second-to-second coverage even in heavy traffic while maintaining complete confidentiality for clients.


Some people are quite wary of their surroundings and immediately recognize when they are being followed or monitored. Our mobile surveillance teams take complete precautionary measures to avoid this. We can discreetly monitor a person for weeks without raising the slightest suspicion.


Counter Stalking Surveillance

Stalking is on the rise, whether it is physically, online, social media, electronically or on your phone. If you believe that you are being stalked or receiving unwanted attention from someone you don’t know, you can hire our service to find the culprit.


Stalkers have some experience in following targets but they aren’t very skilled. When a stalker is following someone, they are focused on their target and less aware of other surroundings. This exposes them to counter-surveillance from a more skilled professional.


Our trained experts are good at discreetly monitoring stalkers and forcing them to make mistakes that reveal their identity and motives.


Insurance Claims Surveillance

Insurance fraud and exaggerated false claims are common that cost insurance companies millions of dollars every year. We provide factual information and field surveillance to make it easier to determine the authenticity of claims.


While accidents are unfortunate and most cases are authentic, there are a number of employers and employees that commit insurance fraud to gain workers’ compensation. In some extreme cases, they even get health care professionals and doctors to go along with their claims.


DMI offers complete surveillance and clandestine investigation to help insurers discern facts from exaggerated claims.

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