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Dakota Michaels Investigations offers complete corporate and private investigation services in the U.S. We are based on the west coast and have private investigators in California with many years of experience.

Our private detectives and investigators in L.A., Orange County, San Francisco, Riverside County, San Bernadino County California have investigated hundreds of projects all across the U.S. We provide investigative services for SME businesses and the corporate sector as well as government agencies and private individuals.

DMI’s investigative civil investigative services cover all areas including finance, matrimonial, personal and family issues.

Fully Licenses Private Investigators in California

We work through fully trained and licensed private investigators in the city of Los Angeles, California. Our service ensures that clients get access to top-notch talent and best investigators from around the country come to work with us.




Civil Investigations for a Wide Variety of Industries

We provide support to individuals, corporations and law firms for a wide range of activities.


  • We work with legal firms to investigate pre-litigation matters and help them acquire evidence before court proceedings start. We help our legal partners find witnesses and get in touch with them. We also conduct searches, create video surveillance and find evidence for them that can help build a strong case.


  • DMI also works with insurance firms to help them investigate claims. We help our partners identify liable parties in an accident and gather evidence. Our expert investigators can also help uncover insurance frauds and exaggerated claims.


  • Businesses and large corporations hire our services to carry out employee background checks discreetly. We check for and provide a complete report on personal history, criminal records, past misdemeanors and credit risks for potential hires.


  • DMI also conducts investigations for corporate clients to discover and identify employee theft, fund embezzlement, fake vendor accounts, and conversion or transfer of company assets into private accounts.


  • We work with private individuals and divorce lawyers that expect to go through a lengthy court proceeding. We help investigate and build a strong case for matters related to spousal cheating, child custody, alimony and child support.


  • Our investigators can also help estate administrators and beneficiaries in the discovery of hidden assets, life insurance policies, bonds, properties, and estates. We have private investigators in California who specialize in this particular area.  




Our Civil Investigation Services at a Glance

  • Business Risk Consulting & Monitoring

  • Corporate and Business Intelligence

  • Cyber Security Services

  • Due Diligence & Screening

  • eDiscovery Services

  • Evidence Collection

  • Family Law Matters

  • Fraud Identification Services

  • Identification of Liable Parties

  • Locating Witnesses

  • Operational Security Services

  • Private Investigations

  • Security Risk Consulting

  • Surveillance and Monitoring


Client Focused Investigation and Reporting Services

At DMI, we believe that every client’s case and requirements are unique. We listen, review and discuss every client’s issue with them in detail to understand what they need and how we can assist.


Once we are clear on the goals, our experts come up with an investigation strategy that meets their needs in the best way possible. We then make a proposal to conduct the investigations.


Throughout the investigative process, we keep close contact with our clients to ensure their concerns are taken on board and fully addressed. We maintain the highest standard of confidentiality and keep the investigation within legal parameters.

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