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Background Investigations

What is a Background Investigation and why do you need one?

Background check investigations examine a person, entity, business or corporation and their professional, personal or business history.

There are several levels of background investigations depending upon what is needed for the clients criteria:

T1 or Level 1 Background Investigation:

Is the investigation required for non critical non-sensitive. This is considered minimum level of investigation. Such as credentialing, professional licenses, criminal and civil history county level.

T2 or Level 2 Background Investigation:

State and National offenses (criminal) and derogatory (Civil) Judgements, Bankruptcies, Tax Liens, Property Records, etc.

T3 or Level 3 Background Investigation:

Required for Security Clearance, employers who are hiring employment positions that have sensitive information or proprietary information and /or products or services. Also for private citizens looking to run a T3 level background investigation on someone of interest.

This includes Federal criminal and civil history. Military service records for those who served in the military service. Employment history, residential history, educational history, County by County, State and National Criminal Investigations convicted of any traffic or criminal offense. Credit History and check for financial history regarding collections, charge off's, excessive debt to income ratio, liens, bankruptcies and civil court judgments. Also noted are names and social security numbers, and addresses used for creditors

A triggered enhanced subject interview (TESI) may be needed or required when issues or discrepancies needed for further clarification.


*Note: a n additional coverage may be required regarding (citizenship, oversees coverage, court records etc. 

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